Thanks for visiting my site! If you love to travel then you’re in the right place. If you especially love travel as a form of cultural understanding, and why that matters to global politics, then you’re definitely in the right place. And if you want tips on living and working as an expat – you might find that here too.

My name’s Courtney and I’m a travel, lifestyle, and politics blogger currently based in Brussels, Belgium. I’ve lived as an American expat in francophone countries like France, Switzerland, and Belgium for the last three years. I share stories, tips, and advice based on my experience abroad.

This isn’t just a site for travel guides and expat living, though. I firmly believe there’s more to traveling than sightseeing and eating good food. On All Abroad, you’ll see stories and commentaries from the places I visit. As a certified politics junkie, I love digging into local political climates; I also love relating travel topics to international relations.

I started All Abroad to share my insights on everything about traveling, living, working, and studying overseas. I write about it all – abroad.

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