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Belgium sends regrets to the Congo, the EU releases external COVID-19 travel list, and same-sex partnership is legalized in Montenegro.

Italy’s working women get a bad COVID-19 deal, pubs and restaurants reopen in England, and coronavirus restrictions tighten in the Balkans.

Polish president Duda is re-elected, Estonia launches digital nomad visa, and Apple was exempted from paying €13 million to Ireland.

The EU announces its stimulus package, Ukraine’s president deals with a hostage situation, and a cathedral in Nantes catches fire.

Russian and Ukraine sign a ceasefire, Poland is criticized over LGBTQI+ rights, and Covid restrictions tighten across Europe.

Belarus election stirs protests, former king leaves Spain, and U.S. troops to leave Germany and head to Eastern Europe.

Berlin sees another anti-COVID-19 protest, EU trade commissioner resigns over “Golfgate” and protests ramp up in Belarus